Doctor’s Recommendation

There are medical and naturopathic doctors who prescribe colon hydrotherapy as an adjunct to treatment, and our website shows the research proving efficacy as Preparation for Colonoscopy. No more caustic liquids or laxatives. Joseph Fiorito, MD in Connecticut, Daniel A. Norman, MD in California, and Christopher Demetriou MD, in New York utilize colon hydrotherapy prior to their colonoscopy procedure.

Thomas Rau, MD has been one of Cathy’s great mentors over the past 10 years.  She has earned her certification in his trademark Biological Medicine. His clinic in Switzerland has 2 colon hydrotherapy treatment rooms among many other progressive therapies.  His foundation principle no matter what the illness is to heal the gut first.  Click HERE for more information about his world class clinic.

There are many doctors in other countries around the world who have studied Biological Medicine with Cathy.  Click HERE for a list of progressive doctors you can trust.


The Health of Your Gut By Dr. Mercola



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