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Specialized Protocols with Colon Hydrotherapy – Italy

Many of you are curious with me to follow the current research being published from the Human Microbiome Project.  Did you know that the body has several distinct microbiome environments? Join our small team of 4 participants as we explore the body’s plentiful and diverse microbiology. The Gut is making headlines daily!

Topics include: 

  • Proven strategies that support autonomic regulation
  • Colon Hydrotherapy as adjunct to Swiss Biological Medicine as taught by Thomas Rau, MD
  • Overview of digestive anatomy/physiology
  • Colon hydrotherapy indications/contraindications 
  • Leaky teeth, leaky gums, leaky gut dynamics
  • Relationship of gut health to overall health
  • Gut brain/head brain connection
  • Nervous system dynamics during colonics
  • Touch therapy supervision  and integration
  • Case study analysis and specialized treatment protocols for IBS, Cancer, Autoimmunity and more.
Investment Includes:
*  Welcome evening meal
*  Three gentle colonics with individualized consultation and coaching 
*  Six cooking classes as we prepare and share simple lunches
*  Implementing ozone into your practice as a valuable intervention
*  Take home videos and Power Point Presentations to add to your research library


Call  or text +1.561.775.9912 today to enroll or inquire here directly.

Maximum of 4 learners.

Advanced Colon Hydro Program – Florida

 Join us by the sea and receive current Gut Microbiome Research updates.  Learn new hands on technique that will surprise you with it’s efficacy.  

Did you know that the vagus nerve ends in the transverse colon at Cannon’s Point?  

Did you know that the DJJ is also palpable near that point?

Did you know that the root of the mesentery is attached in that area?

I-ACT Level 2 and Level 3 presented with testing for qualified candidates.

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