Elisabeth and Thomas Rau with Cathy in Switzerland

cs-raus-2016What a blessing these people are to our world! And how blessed I feel to be certified in Dr. Rau’s Biological Medicine Network. This man has saved my life and the lives of many others with his gentle, comprehensive cleansing and rebuilding protocols. Visit his website for more information. Heartfelt thanks to both of you!

Dr. Thomas Rau Intestinal Kit

Finally!  A selection of natural remedies for those of you with chronic digestive challenges.  This box contains homeopathics from Dr. Rau’s pharmacy based on his professional recommendations.  It is a very simple holistic approach to improve your gut health and increase your immune system capacity.  Click rau-intestinal-kit to read more about this valuable product kit $199.

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Research Article Confirms Colon Hydro as Effective Prep


Danbury, CT Hospital Study   colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a medical procedure performed by a Medical Doctor as shown here in this photo. It is a valuable tool for diagnosing large intestine issues like diverticulosis, polyps, and colon cancer.

Colon Hydrotherapy is not the same thing. In fact, we are having great success with colon cleansing using our gentle SheaWay method prior to the diagnostic procedure of colonoscopy.

Dr. Joseph Fiorito led a team of gastroenterologists in this groundbreaking study that proves that colon hydrotherapy is an effective cleansing prep prior to colonoscopy. No more drinking horrible, chemical solutions and up all night in the toilet!