Advanced Program

This program is designed to enhance skills after candidates have practiced for a minimum of one year with documentation of at least 100 colon hydrotherapy sessions. It is also open to former SHEA graduates as a “refresher” course and is perfect for those desiring to move to the next I-ACT certification level (Intermediate or Advanced).

The focus is on practical application and may include topics like:

  • Learn Dr. Michael Shea’s current research on the embryological development of the digestive system
  • Learn Thomas Rau MD’s Biologiocal Medicine Model from Switzerland
  • Learn the relationship between dental health and overall wellness/disease
  • Learn current research about how stress affects digestive processes
  • Learn current research on the fascinating world of the Human Microbiome
  • Learn stimulating information about PARASITES
  • Learn how food sensitivities differ from food allergies
  • Learn how to recognize and support eating disorders
  • Learn the value of interpersonal neurobiology within the context of the therapeutic relationship
  • Hands-on application of either:
    • Visceral Manipulation
    • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Reflexology


Please call 561.775.9912 for enrollment information.

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