Doctor’s Recommendation

There are medical and naturopathic doctors who prescribe colon hydrotherapy as an adjunct to treatment, and we are including the research proving efficacy as Preparation for Colonoscopy. No more caustic liquids or laxatives. Joseph Fiorito, MD in Connecticut, Daniel A. Norman, MD at Barton Memorial Hospital in California, and Christopher Demetriou MD, in New York utilize colon hydrotherapy prior to their colonoscopy procedure.


Leonard Smith, MD my colleague here in Florida…another gastroenterologist who understands and advocates the value of colon hydrotherapy. 

Robert Rowen, MD actively prescribes colon hydrotherapy for his patients.

Mark Hyman, MD of the Institute for Functional Medicine speaks about creating health and cleansing.

Taymount Clinic outside London with my expert team that utilizes colon hydrotherapy prior to Fecal Microbial Transplant.

Brenda Watson, CNC my classmate in school when we were in training here in Florida many years ago, now a TV personality who is devoting her life to educating the public about gut health. 

The Health of Your Gut By Joseph Mercola, MD