Natural Prep for Colonoscopy

Colon Hydrotherapy is not the same thing as a colonoscopy although they are now related.  Colon Hydrotherapy is a safer and more comfortable way to prepare for a the medical procedure of colonoscopy.  Many doctors are now recommending colon hydrotherapy worldwide.  Watch these videos documenting this fact and ask your doctor to watch them.

youtube-video{ Click to watch video}

Cathy Shea  has developed her trademark NATURAL PREP℠ as a gentle cleansing process to prepare for colonoscopy.  The protocol is based on her trademark Slo-Fil℠ method of clearing the bowel completely without the use of any chemicals using purified, warm water.

Cathy has trained several gastroenterologists and licensed health care providers who are implementing this protocol throughout the globe.  It is much safer, easier and more effective than the typical chemical preps most doctors utilize.  Be an advocate for your own health and request this “new alternative” from your doctor.

Kevin Murphy MD, a Gastroenterologist in Massachusetts, gives an endorsement of Cathy’s TEXTBOOK

“Over a a decade ago, I had the distinct pleasure of studying with Cathy Shea at her International School of Colon Hydrotherapy in Juno Beach, Florida.  As a gastroenterologist, I was well aware that many of my patients’ illnesses were directly related to intestinal permeability, poor nutrition and constipation.  I wanted to learn more.

In their interesting and informative new book, Colon Hydrotherapy, The SheaWay℠, the authors describe and discuss the history, current practice and future trends of colon hydrotherapy.  The book reviews the basics and business of this therapy and nutritional guidelines are provided.  This is a MUST READ for all persons concerned about optimizing their personal health, the health of their clients and the health of this planet.  I recommend this book most highly.”