“Over a decade ago, I had the distinct pleasure of studying with Cathy Shea at her International School of Colon Hydrotherapy in Juno Beach, Florida.
As a gastroenterologist, I was well aware that many of my patients’ illnesses were directly related to intestinal permeability, poor nutrition and constipation.
I wanted to learn more. In their interesting and informative new book, Colon Hydrotherapy, The SheaWaysm, the authors describe and discuss the history,
current practice and future trends of colon hydrotherapy.  The book reviews the basics and business of this therapy and nutritional guidelines are provided.

Cathy’s book “COLON HYDROTHERAPY – The Shea Way”  is a MUST READ for all persons concerned about optimizing their personal health, the health of their clients and the health of this planet. I recommend this book most highly.”

-Kevin R. Murphy M.D.


Dear Cathy, Thank you for your gifts of sharing, love and wisdom.  What a great and life changing experience with you.  Through you I now know that life is not about finding myself.  However, it is about creating who I am.  You are a great educator Cathy.  You have steered me to go confidently in the direction of my passion and start living the life I have always dreamed of.  You will forever be cherished by me.

-Sekgopi, South Africa


Cathy, I am sitting here remembering you smiling and walking among us students, breathing deeply and reminding us to breathe, without a word.  How I needed that and still do.  I’ll never forget the freedom, also, that washed over me when everyone outside the bathroom cheers the sounds coming from within!  That was so awesome!

You are the mother of so much deep good out there in the world and it is endless….ever expanding LOVE!  Lisa, you are that peaceful loving presence that holds space and keeps everything running so smoothly (and so much more)….absolutely essential!  I love you both so very much and am so blessed by knowing you in my life.  May our bond remain strong and connected beyond all things.

-Carol, Indiana

 Hi there!  What a delight to reconnect with you.  And oddly, I got so involved in the delight of our conversations that I neglected to mention the PRIMARY reason I wanted to speak with you.  That is to thank you a million times over for the life-saving information you gave my daughter when I was so very ill.  You were the actual factor that spared my life and gave me another chance to be on this worldwind tour of being-ness.  You were the one person who told my daughter Tracy to use the enema treatment, and it was the one key that turned my health back towards life and the living of it.

  – Judy Ray, North Carolina

Though it has been many years since I took your class Cathy, your love and light as my teacher stays in me.  I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you in this life!

-Teressa, Hawaii


What a wonderful and dynamic soul you are Cathy!  I am so blessed to have been part of your first Tuscany class!  The rest of my Italian trip was all about God showing Himself…awesome!

-Bobbye, California


Hi Cathy, glad to hear from you!  Our Clinic is getting better now with the addition of Colon Hydrotherapy. Both of us are very grateful that we attended your course, and we learnt a lot, not only the colon therapy but also the positive mentality towards everything, complimenting  each other gives us more motivation. I hope to meet you soon, and I believe Dr. Lim also wishes to see you soon.

                                     – Alicia Yap, Malaysia