Our intention is to provide academic excellence in a safe, kind, gentle, and fun environment. Everyone learns best in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cathy is fully Certified in Biological Medicine from Thomas Rau, MD.  She has studied for 10 years with her medical mentor from Switzerland and is now qualified to offer Dr. Rau’s extensive and successful interventions for complicated health issues.  People from all over the globe find healing at his clinic and colon hydrotherapy is one of the first remedies that he recommends.  Cathy attended the Paracelsus Academy to blend Biological Medicine into her colon hydrotherapy curriculum.  Click HERE to visit his website.  We are the only colon hydrotherapy school that teaches Dr. Rau’s principles that emphasize the empirical relationships between overall health and …

  • Your gut functions
  • Your dental health
  • Isolating food sensitivities
  • Reducing toxic load at the cellular level
  • Cleansing the body’s internal milieu
  • Rebuilding and regenerating the digestive system

We are delighted that you are interested in our programs and want to enter into mentorship with Cathy. You are about to join a fantastic group of men and women from around the globe who are committed to their own health and the health of others. Our mission is to be a blessing and help end suffering. We have trained over 1,000 Health Care Providers in over 33 Countries, CLICK HERE to find a qualified professional.