Wellness Designed

You are invited to co-create customized time with Cathy Shea at her seaside Florida location or in Europe.  All are welcome including individuals, families, athletes, professionals and especially those who aspire to age graciously. Her expertise includes the wisdom of small changes that make a big difference.  Learn how to make friends with your body and inspire its innate capacity to regenerate.  Call to discuss what fits.

       Together, we explore….

  • How do I learn how to relax?
  • What signals is my body giving me?
  • What are my resources when I need help?
  • Does my work take priority over my body?
  • Am I sleeping well most of the time?
  • What are my occasional treats?
  • How do I cope with a breakdown?
  • Can I manage a breakdown with the same response as I do breakthrough?
  • Do I trust my gut feelings?
  • Where do I go in nature to find solace and tranquility?
  • Am I balancing busy-ness with mindfulness?
  • Does my spiritual practice show up throughout my day?
  • What is my relationship with food and nourishment?
  • Is touch comfortable for me?
  • Where are my edges? What am I avoiding?

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